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Best-in-Class Racing Oil
for High Temperature / High Shear


PTH RACING OILS have been engineered to provide High Temp and High Shear Stability.

• 100% Synthetic
• Group IV PAO (Poly-Alpha-Olefin)
• Group V Ester Base

PTH Racing Oil quart bottles

Watch a high-performance Lotus engine builder and owner of a vintage Jaguar explain why they chose PTH Racing Oil for their engines.

Phil Denney, prd engineering usa and former Lotus Formula 1 mechanic, likes PTH oils: “Using PTH Racing Oil is like having a parachute—it’s really good to have it when you need it.”

100% Synthetic, Group IV PAO, Group V Ester Base
Zinc 2033 ppm, Phosphorus 2037 ppm, Calcium 3163 ppm

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PTH Racing Oil quart bottles
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