Advantages using PTH Racing Oil

Advantages using PTH Racing Oil

PTH Racing Oil was created because of a simple question: Why are the most complicated and expensive engines in vintage racing not using the best oil using the best ingredients? The basic engine design is similar in all cases, with power provided by pistons that are pushed by expanding combustion gases in the engine cylinders. The motion of the pistons drives the vehicle wheels through a gearbox, which matches the engine speed to the speed of the wheels. Engine oils provide crucial protection for the working parts of internal combustion engines, which are becoming more sophisticated with greater power densities and improved efficiency. The main purpose of the engine oil is to provide an unbroken film of molecules that prevents metal-to-metal contact and reduces friction inside an engine. Lubrication is accomplished by a combination of oil fed to the top of the engine by the oil pump and by splash lubrication supplied by the crankshaft for the lower half of the engine.

Additive packages for engine-oil formulations are carefully balanced combinations of individual components, with the treat rates determined by the demands of the lube specification. Generally, viscosity modifiers are also required and the treat rates are determined by the viscosity targets and base stock properties. Typical additive types used in engine oil formulations are: • Detergent and dispersants • Oxidation inhibitors • Corrosion Inhibitors • Metal passivators • Defoamants • Pour point depressants • Antiwear additives • Rust Inhibitors • Viscosity modifiers • Friction modifiers

Advantages of PTH Racing Synthetic Oils

Relative to mineral oils, the use of our highly designed high performance synthetic base stocks provides improved wear protection, lower volatility, higher viscosity index and better thermal and oxidative stability. These benefits translate to extended drain intervals relative to mineral oil, as well as potential fuel economy benefits.

The highest performance standards for engine oils can be met using PAO base stocks.

Our synthetic base stocks offer numerous advantages over mineral oil base stocks, such as: • Better oxidative and thermal stability for long service life • Better volatility for reduced engine oil emissions • Higher viscosity index for improved protection and low temperature fluidity • No inherent contaminants to accelerate corrosion or acid formation • Lower pour points for improved operational low temperatures High-viscosity PAO can also be used to boost viscosity index (VI) and perhaps enhance film thickness. PTH Racing Oil has been shown to boost HTHS viscosity. In addition, the use of PTH Racing Oil esters as co-base stock offers the following benefits: • Seal swell (vintage motors) and additive solubility • Improved lubricity • Improved cleanliness • Improved thermal and oxidative stability.

Turbochargers are common components, increasing the power and efficiency of engines. The engine oil also has to lubricate and cool these components, which increases stress on the oil because the turbochargers produce temperatures well above those experienced by the engine. Compared to engine oil in passenger vehicles, oils for commercial vehicles must have substantially higher performance in order to maximize vehicle productivity. This means longer intervals between oil drains and better cleanliness and wear protection to extend overhaul periods.

PTH High Performance Engine Oil provides the following key benefits: • Reduced friction to prevent metal-to-metal contact • Removes heat and wear particles • Reduces corrosion by neutralizing combustion products • Keep engine components clean • Provide effective sealing of the cylinders to minimize exhaust gas blow-by • Help improve fuel economy and reduce emissions

PTH Synthetic base stock grade slate summary


These are hydrogenated olefin oligomers manufactured by the polymerization of linear alpha-olefins. They have well defined wax-free iso-paraffinic structures, which offer good low-temperature properties, high viscosity index (VI), low volatility and improved thermal stability. These API Group IV fluids are well suited for all lubricant applications requiring good stability under extreme operating conditions.


These products use metallocene catalyst technology to provide PAOs with a more uniform, comb-like structure and narrow molecular weight distribution to provide high VI, low temperature and shear stability properties versus our competitors conventional base stocks.


These are manufactured through the alkylation of naphthalene with linear alpha-olefins. The resulting API Group V fluid offers very good thermal, oxidative and hydrolytic stability. They offer good solvency and are useful base stocks to improve the performance of most lubricants. PTH AN base stocks and esters as a co-base stock offers the following benefits: • Seal swell and additive solubility • Improved lubricity • Improved cleanliness • Improved thermal and oxidative stability


Combination of alcohols and acids are used to make organic esters that have various features, such as high thermal and oxidative stability, low volatility, lubricity, solvency and biodegradability depending on the specific ester

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