Rick Lee, Principal

The founder and formulator of PTH Racing Oil with over 20 years of management experience within the petroleum industry, Rick Lee has experienced the wide spectrum of the oil industry. Many of these years were spent and focused on branded finished lubricants in U.S. markets for Chevron, British Petroleum, and Petro Canada, eventually serving as the Vice President of Sales and Marketing and SC Fuels until March of 2015.

From 1992 to 2007, Rick served as the Vice President of Investments for the Wells Investment Group Inc., responsible for revenue generation through private and institutional investors as an executive to the Laffer-Wells Capital Group. Earning a B.A. in Business Administration from the California State University of Humboldt in 1992, his engineering background is bolstered by attending University of California, Berkeley, completing graduate-level coursework in physics. This experience has been invaluable alongside his partner in formulation of custom racing oil solutions. Rick is also contributor in a number of engine design and oil magazines such as PRI Magazine “Essential Oils” in 2019 and Race Engine Technology Magazine technical contributor.

Rick has held a competition racing license with NASA, SCCA, and has raced Formula Continental in the Pacific 2000 professional series. He currently campaigns a Porsche 996 GT3 in SCCA T2.

Rick Lee, PTH Oil

Thomas Kirkham, Principal

World renowned for establishing one of the first western enterprises in Poland after the Cold War, Thomas Kirkham is a motorsports figure well known in the automotive communities. He and his brother formed Kirkham Motorsports, transforming a former MIG Fighter plant into an operation producing the finest aluminum Shelby Cobra replica automobiles in the world. With over 800 cars produced and sold, the name “Kirkham” is an internationally-acclaimed symbol of quality and superior engineering.

Kirkham Motorsports has been chronicled in the Wall Street Journal and featured on the cover of Autoweek Magazine on two occasions. Thomas, former Vice President of Kirkham Motorsports, is a mechanical engineer by trade and a former United States Air Force Officer and also a graduate of Brigham Young University. Thomas played a critical role in PTH Racing Oil’s requirements for high-performance applications, providing critical data during testing in the development stages.

Kirkham Cobra at Monterey Jet Center
red racing Porsche in the shop
white porsche in front of track entrance at night